Chronos User Guide

1. Overview

BigDL-Chronos (Chronos for short) is an application framework for building a fast, accurate and scalable time series analysis application.

You can use Chronos to:


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Anomaly Detection

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2. Install

Auto Tuning
Install CMD

2.1 Pypi

When you install bigdl-chronos from PyPI. We recommend to install with a conda virtual environment. To install Conda, please refer to here.

conda create -n my_env python=3.7 setuptools=58.0.4
conda activate my_env
# click the installation panel above to find which installation option to use
pip install --pre --upgrade bigdl-chronos[pytorch]  # or other options you may want to use
source bigdl-nano-init  # accelerate the conda env

2.2 Tensorflow backend

Tensorflow is one of the supported backend of Chronos in nightly release version, while it can not work alone without pytorch in Chronos for now. We will fix it soon. If you want to use tensorflow backend, please

pip install --pre --upgrade bigdl-nano[tensorflow]

after you install the pytorch backend chronos.

2.3 OS and Python version requirement


Supported OS:

Chronos is thoroughly tested on Ubuntu (16.04/18.04/20.04), and should works fine on CentOS. If you are a Windows user, the most convenient way to use Chronos on a windows laptop might be using WSL2, you may refer to or just install a ubuntu virtual machine.


Supported Python Version:

Chronos only supports Python 3.7.2 ~ latest 3.7.x. We are validating more Python versions.

3. Which document to see?

Quick Tour

You may understand the basic usage of Chronos’ components and learn to write the first runnable application in this quick tour page.

User Guides

Our user guides provide you with in-depth information, concepts and knowledges about Chronos.

How-to-Guide / Example

If you are meeting with some specific problems during the usage, how-to guides are good place to be checked. Examples provides short, high quality use case that users can emulated in their own works.

API Document

API Document provides you with a detailed description of the Chronos APIs.