Cluster Serving FAQ

General Debug Guide

You could use following guide to debug if serving is not working properly.

Check if Cluster Serving environment is ready

Run following commands in terminal


the output directory


should be displayed, otherwise, go to Programming Guide Installation section.

Check if Cluster Serving is running

$FLINK_HOME/bin/flink list

output of Cluster Serving job information should be displayed, if not, go to Programming Guide Launching Service section to make sure you call cluster-serving-start correctly.


  1. Duplicate registration of device factory for type XLA_CPU with the same priority 50

This error is caused by Flink ClassLoader. Please put cluster serving related jars into ${FLINK_HOME}/lib.

  1. servable Manager config dir not exist

Check if servables.yaml exists in current directory. If not, download from github.

Still, I get no result

If you still get empty result, raise issue here and post the output/log of your serving job.