Install BigDL-Nano on Windows#

Step 1: Install WSL2#

Follow BigDL Windows User guide to install WSL2.

Step 2: Install conda in WSL2#

It is highly recommended to use conda to manage the python environment for BigDL-Nano. Follow BigDL Windows User Guide/Conda Install to install conda.

Step 3: Create a BigDL-Nano env#

Use conda to create a new environment. For example, use bigdl-nano as the new environment name:

conda create -n bigdl-nano
conda activate bigdl-nano

Step 4: Install BigDL-Nano from Pypi#

You can install BigDL-Nano from Pypi with pip. Specifically, for PyTorch extensions, please run:

pip install bigdl-nano[pytorch]
source bigdl-nano-init

For Tensorflow:

pip install bigdl-nano[tensorflow]
source bigdl-nano-init