Cluster Serving FAQ#

General Debug Guide#

You could use following guide to debug if serving is not working properly.

Check if Cluster Serving environment is ready#

Run following commands in terminal


the output directory


should be displayed, otherwise, go to Programming Guide Installation section.

Check if Cluster Serving is running#

$FLINK_HOME/bin/flink list

output of Cluster Serving job information should be displayed, if not, go to Programming Guide Launching Service section to make sure you call cluster-serving-start correctly.


  1. Duplicate registration of device factory for type XLA_CPU with the same priority 50

    This error is caused by Flink ClassLoader. Please put cluster serving related jars into ${FLINK_HOME}/lib.

  2. servable Manager config dir not exist

    Check if servables.yaml exists in current directory. If not, download from github.

Still, I get no result#

If you still get empty result, raise issue here and post the output/log of your serving job.