Refer to BigDl Install guide for Scala.


Install a Stable Release#

Run below command to install bigdl-dllib.

conda create -n my_env python=3.7
conda activate my_env
pip install bigdl-dllib

Install Nightly build version#

You can install the latest nightly build of bigdl-dllib as follows:

pip install --pre --upgrade bigdl-dllib

Verify your install#

You may verify if the installation is successful using the interactive Python shell as follows:

  • Type python in the command line to start a REPL.

  • Try to run the example code below to verify the installation:

    from bigdl.dllib.utils.nncontext import *
    sc = init_nncontext()  # Initiation of bigdl-dllib on the underlying cluster.